Environment & sustainability

Sustainable use of resources in Australia and the world.

Ƶis unique in Australia in connecting researchers across all fields to work together on the big environmental challenges and opportunities facing contemporary society. Highly regarded internationally for connecting science and policy, Ƶseeks to support sustainable use of Australia’s and the world’s resources.

Research areas

Energy transition

Ƶresearchers cover a spectrum of energy science and policy, from engineering, efficiency and technology, to the challenges of Energy Change governance frameworks. Groups across Ƶare researching new technologies for nuclear, fusion, solar, energy storage, enhanced oil and gas, biofuels and photosynthesis, and smartgrid technology.

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Resource & environmental management

Management of scarce resources such as land, water, forests and soils is essential for environmental, economic and social sustainability. Our world-class research programs span scientific discovery, social impacts, law, policy, urban studies and economics, looking particularly at Australia, Asia & the Pacific.

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Research at Ƶcovers all aspects of ecology and evolutionary biology. With deep connections to CSIRO and global partners, Ƶhas an outstanding reputation and is pushing biodiversity science forward using innovative capabilities in genomics, bioinformatics, ecological modelling and biodiversity policy.

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Climate change

Our mission is to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions through innovative, interdisciplinary research and policy-relevant advice drawing on expertise across Ƶand deep connections to government, the private sector and society.

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Earth & environmental sciences

Ƶhas a strong and long-standing reputation for world-class science, attracting top researchers. With consistently outstanding global recognition and excellent access to facilities, we focus on environmental and landscape sciences, earth processes and the history of Earth’s climate and environments.

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